Anciela is a womenswear label that celebrates Colombian folklore with a modern twist. Founded by London based Fashion Designer Jennifer Droguett in 2018.

Anciela’s founder and creative director, Jennifer Droguett was born and raised in the colourful and fun city of Medellin, Colombia. She grew up being surrounded by Latin art, dance and music. Jennifer graduated from AMFI in Holland and has been working in London and Amsterdam as a Fashion Designer and Pattern cutter for 4 years for brands including Viktor & Rolf, House of Holland, Sadie Williams, Richard Malone and Artschool.

Jennifer grew up surrounded by loud family parties where dancing was mandatory and showing off your most colourful outfit was the highlight of the night. Jennifer is keen to bring the influences of Colombian culture into British Fashion.

After living outside of Colombia for more than a decade, Jennifer’s gone back to her roots. Anciela gets its name from Jennifer’s grandparents, ANgel and GraCIELA. “When I first started out, I used to seek inspiration from things alien to me, and far away. Now I’ve ended up looking within and using the rich experiences of my childhood as an inspiration. I feel that I’ve found my true identity as a designer”.

The collections are made in house and at British factories, reducing the environmental impact and ensuring good labour standards and high-quality finishes. We are experimenting and using the most sustainable fabrics and trimmings to minimise the impact on the planet.