We have a mindful approach towards designing Fashion with sustainability as a starting point, these are our fundamental values:

  • One planet. As we appreciate the beautiful planet we live on, we want to keep it that way. So we try to use only renewable materials which are ideally minimally processed and don’t cause any disturbance to local communities and wildlife. We currently work with low-impact natural materials such as Tencel, Hemp, Linen, wool, silk and Organic or recycled cotton. We have also introduced banana mesh fibre, which is biodegradable from the waste of banana tree stems. We develop custom jacquard weaves made with NewLife recycled yarns from post-consumer plastic waste and Berliner Recycled Cotton yarns among other experimental fibres creating a Circular Fashion cycle. We use natural trims such as corozo buttons, which are made with the shell of the corozo fruits (typically Colombian), we also use coconut buttons, made out of coconut shells. Both buttons are biodegradable and made from waste materials.
  • London production. Because all the garments are made in-house or in our London-based atelier, we have direct control and the ability to ensure the best working conditions. We produce a limited amount of samples and encourage made-to-order to avoid unnecessary stock.
  • Minimal waste. One of our aims is to create near-zero waste. Why not zero waste? Well, when you use a pair of scissors you immediately make an offcut and therefore potentially waste. We experiment with minimal waste pattern cutting as well as using the offcuts for sewing samples, upcycling projects and stuffing. We order only what we need.
  • Local sourcing. By sourcing our fabrics, trimmings and other materials locally we support local businesses such as Alice Timmis Studio and reduce the travel distance of materials and therefore reducing the environmental impact. We use a lot of deadstock materials, which are the end-of-the-roll or discarded materials from other businesses, which would otherwise end up in the landfill. It’s a great way to use fabric waste or excess production which occurs very commonly in the fashion chain.
  • Be kind. Treat others how you want to be treated. This means focusing on customer interaction, and supplier relationships, paying fair rates for products and services and being thankful for being able to exist and share our creations.

Sustainable projects / Coverage

Panelist Overheated 2023

Jennifer Droguett, Founder and Creative Director of Anciela was invited to speak on the panel during 2023 Overheated, to discuss the climate crisis and the work that is making a meaningful difference. Jennifer addressed the 500 visitors to explain sustainable practices as a Fashion brand and Designer, the importance of a clean supply chain and how to choose ethical fashion as a consumer. Featuring Incredible environmental activists, indigenous leaders, and inspirational talent including Alice Aedy, Brother Spirit of Plum Village, Dominique Palmer, Support+Feed founders Maggie Baird and Billy Eilish, Samata Pattinson, Liv Simpliviano from Fashrev, fashion psychologist Shakaila Elise and Tori Tsui.

Photo: Jessie Morgan

# BuyNothing #MakeSomething

Upcycled Fabric Toucan

We’re so excited to present the mini version of the Anciela toucan, made and stuffed with AW19 fabric remnants. As part of the #StayHome series “buy nothing make something” we want to encourage you to create something new. You don’t need to buy fabric, upcycle something, give a second life to that item of clothing you don’t wear anymore.

Visit our Instagram tutorial here: Toucan tutorial IGTV


Upcycled fabric orchid

Anciela is inspired by the orchid, Colombia’s national flower.
The fabric orchid can be worn as a pin, added to a headpiece or added to your garment. Please find the IGTV tutorials on Anciela’s Instagram: Upcycled Fabric Orchid IGTV