Anciela at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2024

Anciela, a sustainable luxury fashion label deeply rooted in the values of inclusivity, creativity, and sustainability, is delighted to present “Latin Notes.” This project represents the culmination of four years of introspection, collaboration, and creative expression. “Latin Notes” is a heartfelt journey that celebrates Contemporary Latinx art, tradition, music, and design while humbly addressing themes like immigration, identity, and our shared responsibility towards the environment.

Drawing inspiration from visionary surrealist artists like Leonor Fini and Remedios Varos, Anciela explores the deconstructed and re-invented femininity where the human body is celebrated as a sacred space, juxtaposed with seemingly mundane objects depicted in surrealist art. The vibrant droplet prints in the collection were a generous contribution of deadstock archive fabrics by Artist Allegra Hicks. Collaborating with Studio Kuhu (Mariana Leyva), Anciela introduced three unique hues to the collection palette using a signature blend of Mexican dyes and English Madder, thoughtfully enhanced with modifiers. For shades of pink and orange, “Cochinilla” (Cochineal) from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Spring Summer 2023

Anciela presents her collection with a short film titled “Ode to the Papaya”, a metaphor for the introspective journey of the migrant and the diasporic experience, as something visceral, transformative and poetic. Directed in collaboration with Colombian filmmaker Edward Heredia with an almost entirely Latinx crew, the concept is developed through the lens of Latin music divas such as the controversial Carmen Miranda, the iconic Celia Cruz and the electrifying La Lupe.

The collection was born from an exploration of both personal memories and historical references by playing with stereotypes of what is perceived as the “Latin aesthetic” since Carmen Miranda became the lady with the Tutti Frutti hat in the 1940s. The campaign celebrates contemporary and diverse Latinx divas in Brooklyn, New York produced and shot by acclaimed Colombian photographer Camila Falquez and Argentinian stylist Lorena Maza. 

London Fashion Week  AW22 “The Dance Of The Migrant ”

Anciela presents its Autumn-Winter 22 womenswear collection as part of the British Fashion Council initiative Discovery Lab with a short film inspired by the famous Colombian flower festival and the history of the “Silletero” the porters who used to carry people, food and flowers since colonial times through the Andes on a chair (‘silleta’’) on their backs. The collection will explore this tradition as an analogy for the journey of a migrant and the weight and beauty of being different and adapting to a new environment. 

This season, developed in collaboration with Textile Designer Alice Timmis, the collection includes new jacquards using recycled cotton with mohair accents, combined with decadent bubble metallic lurex. Using lustrous felted wools and Tricotine from industry deadstock for outerwear. Once more partnered with textile start-up Esce-tex and Tencel Lux, the collection includes corduroy and jersey as the newest development from Lenzing.

Anciela at London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022: Discovery Lab with Tony & Guy “Dreams of A Life”

This collection takes inspiration from the Latinamerican Arpilleras and Victorian cyclists, a true homage to Droguett’s family cycling history. As a way of reconnecting with her Chilean grandmother who she never met.

Anciela, a sustainable luxury fashion label presents their SS22 Spring Summer collection with a short film titled “Dreams of a Life” inspired by the story of Jennifer’s grandmother who died tragically under suspicious circumstances in Chile during the dictatorship in the ‘80s. As a homage, the film shows an imaginary dreamlike conversation between granddaughter and grandmother featuring a live performance by Latin singer Desta French to set the mood. In an effort to reconnect with her grandmother, this collection explores themes of cultural change and healing through art as the Arpilleras did for women in the ‘70s.

Autumn Winter 21 “Nueve”

Taking inspiration from the Colombian funeral traditions and the nine nights of mourning. The aim is to celebrate life, while the spirit can happily transition to the afterlife through a series of rituals that occur each night. From building altars, eating and drinking to leaving a glass of water in case the spirit gets thirsty. These traditions and symbolism played an important role in how the collection came to be.

Spring Summer 2021 “Fire Ants”

Autumn Winter 2020: Comuna 13