El Viaje (2022)

An exhibition commissioned by the Colombian Embassy in London. An exploration of Latin American culture through fashion and ethical design.
El Viaje showcases the journey of Colombian-born Designer Jennifer Droguett Espinosa: a constant transition, always morphing, adapting and making sense of the surroundings while embracing her roots and sustainable values.

Using the power of storytelling with the ultimate purpose of changing the narrative and empowering one’s story, Anciela invites you to experience the journey (El Viaje) of transformation and constant flux where the garments become a vessel of catharsis, packed with rich experiences of a childhood combined with an outsider’s perspective gained from leaving the homeland to live in London. 

The exhibition is divided into five sections that connect the journey through design and Droguett’s passion for sustainable practices in the work made in the last three years, each space was built with reclaimed and recycled materials, from found objects in the streets of Hackney to materials from sets of the previous campaigns. Displaying iconic pieces such as the naked jumpsuit, the bamboo silleta and the cork suit. Each space and garment tells a story while effortlessly showcasing the intricate details of the cut, the fabric and embellishments. The aim is to start a conversation between the viewer and the space by showing the results of designing through a global pandemic, dealing with death and trauma whilst celebrating the reinvention that comes with adversity.